If a guy writes a four page full of words, is it considered a Letter or a essay? In a Long distance relationship, help pls?

I parted ways with a girl, I want to say something and thank you.

We are strangers.

I am forever thankful for her.

She built up my confidence and gave me a confidence boost.

If I write about the things me and her went through, would it seem wrong?

I want her to truly move on.
Wish her the best for Life.


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  • this sound to me like you played her but you're sorry about it?

    • Oh, I never played her.

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  • I think they would appreciate it :-).

    • as long as you ended on good terms :-)

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    • Are you wanting to be with her again? Or what do you mean by what to do anymore?

    • I don't want to be with her anymore ever again

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