Does he even love me?

he says he love me then left me alone to check how much I love him. and I'm here going Crazy. mentally disturbed.. it's ok fr him if I chat with guys.. just don't want me to sleep with. now I want to sleep with everyone lol. stalk me everywhere.. each place I go. and i can't do anything. family is also with him.. feeling sick. want to leave this place and go somewhere no one knows me


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  • be patient! dont sleep with everyone. but if you love something set it free and wait if it comes back its good and if it doesn't youl get over it and you get to fuck someone else

    • I won't get over it.. read the conversation between me and this other girl who suggested.. U will know what I'm going through

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    • pleasure

    • :) :)

  • Don't do stupid decisions. Talk to him about it and calm down girl

    • he do not reply dear.. he is never directly saying anything.. I'm tired of assuming.. loosing my mind.. I was so sick yesterday I mailed him no reply

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    • Anytime! Be safe

    • :) thanku

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