Why would a guy intentionally get a girl jealous?

My bestie broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years. At every house party we see him at he literally tries making her jealous by flirting with girls in front of her.
One time he started doing flirting with some girl, so I brought her across the room and what do you know 2 minutes later he's right by us again chatting up with a chick *eye roll*

So to me he's doing this intentionally and watching her reactions or something. So I want to know if a guy is doing this intentional stuff meaning... dosent that mean he still cares and or he's hurt?


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  • He's lame af for doing that. That's for sure. Of course he still cares; he cares enough to take the time and energy to try to make her jealous. It's very immature and that tactic only pushes me further away, personally. I just hope that crap doesn't work on your bestie


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