What did I say wrong? Did I say something wrong? Or was I just being too real?

So I've been talking to this boy for the past two weeks now and we finally get on the phone tonight start talking about in our family life are past future goals and everything. Then he brings up the situation with my ex and I how it started, ended two years later, starts asking so many different questions, sex, etc. But I told him the reason why I stopped having sex with him was because he gave a an infection but Im clean and STD FREE, and how it just turned me off because I felt like I couldn't trust him then he goes on the phone saying I don't even want to hear or talk about this anymore... but why ask? Too early? Too real? I'm guessing he got uncomfortable but he's asking me these questions and I'm just being honest am I wrong? We switch the conversation then moved on and then 30 minutes later he hung up because he said he was very tired but I kind of feel like a fucked shit up 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ HELP ME!!!


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  • you did no wrong
    you have the right to be told if he had an infection and not telling that was a bitch thing to do
    you reacted normally and if is offended by that then it tells a lot about him.
    the least he could do was apologize

    • Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it

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    • Then he said he doesn't even want to talk about it anymore or anything but why ask me about it I'am going to be honest

    • ohh
      in that case, he should have been more understanding of the situation
      just like lying, the lack of understand in is gonna spread into other things

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