My friend is flirting up my ex?

The title says it all. Him and I just broke up a day ago, and now she's really acting on this crush she's seemed to have since him and I started dating. I feel so devastated about it, and would really appreciate advice on how to deal with this. I want to delete my social media, out of sight out of mind. Especially since my ex and I are in the same group of friends (including this girl), and ignoring him feels impossible.


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  • It may seem like a ridiculous question but: did you break up with him or vice versa?
    If you broke up with him I see no reason why she can't jump on the grenade. If you are done and no longer interested then all should be good.
    Since you are so hurt and it sounds like you have unresolved feelings, that he broke up with you. In thay case she should observe the friend code.

    • Not ridiculous at all. It was a mutual break up, he said he didn't feel a spark anymore. I still love him, and she's very aware of my feelings. This just feels like such betrayal, and I don't know how to look past it..

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    • Yeah, I'm having a really hard time with this. But thanks for your response, I appreciate it :)

    • Anytime

  • just move on with another guy... this would let u Concentrate on him rather than anyone else

    • I considered that and worried it would be too soon, being that we just broke up a day ago. But it's probably for the best, since I can't stand this. Thanks for your advice

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    • This is a likely possibility. She could have been a reason for the breakup and it is not looking good for her that she is moving in a day later.

    • but he may be more attracted to her... or u didn't let him fuck u

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