What is going on with this?

hi can i have some advice
i split with my ex last year after finding out his engaged
im still in love and very much attracted to him

the thing is in January he contacted me we chatted and kissed i know shouldn't of but we did, from February we been sleeping together meeting up sometimes weekly than drifter to fornightly and than monthly

i saw him June 5th got odd text off him so thought ill try and move on i been going on dates with another guy but im not 100 percent into him i dont get excited when he texts but im hoping it grow on me anyway

my ex suddenly contacted me after 2 months of not seeing him 3 weeks of no texts and i dropped everything to go spend time with him this passed weekend i text him yesterday I've had no reply again
i also said is this friends with benefits he said no its more than that

he's 20 years older than his fiance (she lives with mum still) has not got a house/flat he rents a single room out but always doing something on his car, is unemployed too
he has promised his fiance kids and a home together but told me he dont want anymore kids he has 5 already from 2 different mothers

he also knows im sort of dating someone but I've not told him its not going well


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What Guys Said 2

  • This is literally messed up, and you're sleeping with an engaged man who has a history of going through women?

    The best advice that I doubt you'll take is cut the cheating prick off and never talk to him again because he's pure dirt. And dump the guy you've cheated on because HE deserves better. Take some time to sort your mess out and then find a guy you can be loyal to after that, and get back to being a better person.

  • *he's


What Girls Said 1

  • if you read back over what you have written here and answer yourself honestly why you would actually want any of this drama for yourself. Please, just cut your losses on this one. Trust me it comes with less heart break


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