What to do when girl is showing attitude? and ignoring?


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  • You've done something wrong (Or bored her) to get you in this position in the first place.

    Is this over texting?
    If so, the rule is: Only used texting to get her out. Not to have a conversation. Save the convo for in person.

    The only real options are, stop texting her now, wait 3 days, then ask her out for a drink or to watch a film in your house.

    If she ignores that, delete the number.

    Option 2, is to say something like "I'm guessing you're texting a lot of guys at the minute? haha.
    Ooh, I don't weather I want to associate myself with a player! ;) I'll be in touch later. Then leave it for a few days.

  • Have some self respect? Start owning up to it.

  • In my opinion, it depends on the girl, they are different.


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