Crush thinks I'm weird?

What do I do? There is this girl that was chasing me and said that she had no boyfriend around 3-4 times and she hinted interest in me. I also liked her, but I started to act weird as I am extremely timid and shy and she is quite aggressive. She started getting really frustrated and her friend hated me for no reason... I think her friend was jealous... Then when I gave her a birthday card hinting my feelings for her, she just says "The card was weird and naïve. Look buddy, I don't mean to hurt you but you are weird." I think I got rejected? I don't understand why she would show a lot of interest and suddenly everything disappears? Did she just get mad or she is rejecting me? What should I do?


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  • Didn't you just post this a bit ago? Listen, if a girl said that she thought you were "weird and naive", then you pretty much have struck out there. Posting a question like this multiple times makes you seem a bit obsessed on only cements that she probably made the right decision. You're young and there are a gazillion women out there -- just move on and try not to be so awkward next time.


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