Do I get back with him?

I have done many posts before relating to a certain issue.
Some backstory:
3 years I have been in love with the same boy. We broke up previously, but we were very young and naive. I then got back with him and the past year was the best year of my life. A few weeks ago the relationship ended. Both him and myself weren't sure what happened, we just weren't talking as much. I was so broken and so was he.
More recently he has texted me saying that he can't hide how much he misses me and repress it like he said he would try to do. I would do anything for him. He was never a fuckboy, most trustworthy person I know and my absolute world.
The thing holding me back and worrying me is one silly little issue which I would like an opinion on:
Liking photos of girls he follows on instagram and facebook (mainly instagram). Selfies (didn't mind so much) as well as bikini snaps (clearly attention seekers). I wasn't so worried about the selfies... but the body pictures. There are no females in particular being favouritised.
Some are friends and I understand that, but I could never help feeling threatened.
I don't want to find it a problem. I love this boy more than anyone will ever understand, but something so petty holds me back. He should have the right to appreciate other females sure... but why do I have a fear... like why those pictures. Not all of them get liked just the occasional view and he never comments.
I could really do with some advice... I'm literally in a complete mess without him.
Do I get back with him?
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