What are the signs an ex is over you for good? Or if he isn't over me? Please help me. I am broken?

He tells feel free to talk to him but at the same time when I do talk to him, he is cold and distant. he doesn't even reply right away. But he tells me he loves talking to me, misses me and thinks of me all the time. Why would he not just tell me to stop bothering him if I am? and just tell me straight up if he over me so I can move on even if the truth hurts! We were together for 9 months. He broke up with me in May and the next 3 months he been reaching out to me and now we had a fight a week ago. For the 3 months after break up, he told me he loves me and wants to be very much part of my life. Now he's cold? what the hell. Help me please. i need to move on. He ignored my morning message today. I told him please tell me to just leave him alone and I will stop trying to be there for him. I asked him if he with someone else, he said no. He said he not over me. wtf


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  • You don't need to ask him to move on lol, that's your life so once you broke up the choice is yours totally, so if this bothers you just ignore once for all.


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