My ex hit up a friend from his past and she's probably his emotional rebound?

My ex hit up a friend from his past and she's probably his emotional rebound since he said he turned her down, but I have been rejecting the guys who hit me up when they found out I was single because let's be honest, I know what they want from me. But this sucks. My ex is going out here and there because the girl keeps inviting him to go with her to places, and I'm just here sulking. I can't even imagine letting another guy kiss me or touch me anymore and it sucks.


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  • He's your ex. You shouldn't be thinking about who is he with now, you should focus on yourself. If he found a rebound, why don't you do the same thing? I mean, okay, you can keep on grieving, but it's not gonna brin him back. Find a logical reason why you two can't get along anymore and start moving away from thinking of him towards improving your overall condition.

    • Oh and, good luck to you :)

    • I just don't think I can get a rebound. They'd give me affection because they want sex, but I don't wanna lead them on. Plus if I have told some straight up that I'm not looking for any relationships or even hook ups right now and they just instantly stop talking to me lol. But I get you too, and thank you.

    • You'd be surprised how supportive some guys can be, but I also see (and unfortunately know, first handedly) why you are concerned. That's all I can say.

  • you can I know its not easy


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