Why was my ex boyfriend so nervous around me?

It was the first time we met since we broke up (2 months ago).
We went for a coffe, and at the beginning he was super nervous, I have never seen him nervous like this before, he couldn't even think/talk properly as he always did. He was nervous for around an hour, and after that he got better little by little. The second time we met he didn't look as nervous anymore and we were almost completely comfortable around each other.
Is he really comfortable around me or was he just hiding it?
Was he nervous because he still had feelings or is it normal to be nervous?(I wasn't nervous at all)
He is really good at controlling/hiding his emotions.


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  • he still loves u baby.,...,

  • it depends on the personality

    • soo maybe he still likes you
      or maybe his friend betted him to return to you

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