My ex called me after not initiating contact these past few days, and told me he is over me when I asked him? is it over for good?

We have been broken up for almost 3 months. He dumped me. The 3 months we were on and off talking then talking everyday. He asked me to be his best friend but still flirted like crazy. Until last week, we had a huge fight and decided that we should seriously go separate ways. He told me he loves me and will always hold a special place in his heart and is open to still talk to me. Few days later, I texted him how is he and wished him best of luck on his exam and safe trip with his family. We texted back and forth and he told he loves talking to me, misses me and thinks about me all the time. Two days later, I asked him if we can talk. He calls me up today, I asked him if he is over me and he said yes. What? I am so confused! Is it really over?


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  • Let's back up just a bit. How about asking If this is the type of stability you are after. Your description seems to imply he is and he isn't and shows few signs of resolving the difference.

    • I am so confused. What do you mean please.

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    • I was on the receiving end of an abusive relationship an was as insecure as you sound. I have no more prospects than I did before but feel damn good about myself now. I've lost my concern about having a relationship which has made me more confident and far more likable.

      The rest just takes time and bit of luck.

    • BINGO 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

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