What do I do? :(?

Last school year me and this guy got hella close and things really started getting serious, we were ALMOST in a relationship. We would see each other a lot and talk on the bus everyday. I caught feelings for him for sure and he said he did for me also but then he completely blind sided me, talking shit about me and everything and so We just stopped talking. Over the summer we haven't talked or anything and I thought I was over him but he still rides my bus and we have some classes together and just hearing his voice and seeing him, my feelings came flooding back!!! I don't know why! He was so awful to me even when we were talking and honestly I don't know if he really even meant anything he told me... what should I do?


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  • Forget him and move on. Why would you be interested in someone who talked shit about you behind your back?

    • That's what I'm saying!! Like I can't help it, and he didn't try hiding it or anything like just out of the blue he hated me.

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    • Since he said those things, he probably isn't the guy you think he is. You have a mental perception of him in your head, and that version of him is what you have feelings for. But you know deep down, the real him and the mental perception you have of him aren't the same. I bet if you stared dating him you would be very disappointed. Sometimes we want someone even more simply because we can't have them. I think this is what is going on. Every day you focus on him is another day you might miss out on meeting another guy who might end up being the real man of your dreams!

    • Thank you!! 💕 You've really helped me.

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