Should I even respond to his call?

My ex was caught lying and talking to another girl. I was hurt mostly because he lied straight to my face when I already had trust issues with him from the past. I hung up and said don't ever fucking call me again.. He wrote me tonight after 11 days of no contact.. called.. i ignored.. he texted me and said we need to talk pls call me back.. he then tried to call again. I am so pissed and hurt by how he treated me.. I don't even know what he could possibly have to say to me.. Should I just keep ignoring him?


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  • I'm sorry - lying about what? Talking to another girl?
    Are they flirting? Or in another relationship? Or just merely talking?

    • We were in relationship and trying to make things work.. He claimed he was getting a call from a guy friend of his but I heard a girls voice.. afterwards he gave me this b. s. story his friend called about.. when I asked why he was lying when I clearly heard her.. he just looked confused and kinda shrugged his shoulders and never said anything else.

    • Ah, ok. I got it now.
      Ok, so here's the thing - do you know what they were talking about?
      Do you know who she is? And her relationship to him?

      I'm not condoning lies - but sometimes we make stupid decisions. He probably lied to you about a girl calling because, like you said - you're both making things work. Another girl, no matter if she's just a friend, could potentially destabilize the work you two are doing.
      He's probably trying to avoid that - but you got him.

      Is this the reason why he's now an "ex"?
      If you no longer have feelings for him, might as well just ignore him. But if you still have some left, talk to him.

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  • I'll be honest, if I were in your place, I'd be curious as hell to know what the hell was so important that he just needed to talk to me so badly now.
    Unfortunately, I'm sure it will likely just be more lies and bull shit. It would probably be smart on your part to just continue to ignore him especially if he really did a number on your trust which is what it sounds like. You have to make the best choice for you though.


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  • Block him, he is just bored when he wants to talk to u.

  • Ignore him and move on. Did you vote on my poll?


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  • listen to him out. no one said by accepting his call you're giving him power. you're hearing what he have to say and then leave him if he can't be honest with you

  • He is being a jerk!


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