Is it time to move on?

I have a guy friend who I have known since about 2nd grade. when he moved, we didn't keep in touch. this past year I found him on MySpace and we started talking again. We really hit it off, and even started liking each other, so I thought. He even broke up with his girlfriend at the time, and I thought I had a chance. School started up again ( it was summer) and we started talking less and less. the next thing I know he has a girlfriend. I felt like I had been led on and I was hurt. Time went on and all of a sudden, he breaks up with his girlfriend, and starts talking to me again. Once again I felt like I had a chance. Not even two days later, they got back together, after he told me he liked me. they have been going out ever since. I really did have feelings for him when we were younger, and now that we are older, I still do. even after all this. Is it time to move on? Or should I keep on waiting?


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  • I think you should move on. I've gone through all that ended up feeling hurt because I kept being led on. You should try to move on and find someone else. :)

  • Move on. He's talking to you to keep his options open.

    Don't allow yourself to just be a guy's option. Make sure you're his everything.


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