Ignored my ex and feel awful about it.. am I crazy?

I was in a roller coaster relationship with a guy for a year. He could never make up is mind if he wanted to commit to me, he would say he would then he would get scared. Because of this I ended the relationship with him 3 times and every time after a some time he would come back to me bcus we have strong feelings for each other. Just could never seem to quit each other. He ghosted me after 3 perfect months together I saw him twice after and was the bigger person and said hello and chatted. he can back after that and After 6 mths together I ended it with him again and saw him out with our mutual friends and was the bigger person and talked to him. Now it's been a year and I ended it with him for good a few days ago, it was on good terms but I'm still sad about it. Hard thing is we are neighbors, our buildings are literally across the street from each other. I was walking to a restaurant today and turned around at the stop light and saw him walking behind me. I tried to play it casual like I didn't see him and stood and the light for a few seconds before walking another way but now I feel so guilty and like such a chump for not waving at least... it was far enough that there's a small Chance he didn't recognize me or think I saw him but I highly doubt it. After ending on good terms and always being the one to be the bigger person I feel so rude and bad about this.. im afraid it will ruin the good terms between us now.. do u think so?


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  • you were the one to always put in the effort. you can't carry it alone. if it gets ruined, you did your best, much more than him anyway. sometimes things are just messed up and the rollercoaster is too much. it doesn't make you a bad person, especially after the sacrifices you made, being the bigger person and all. if it really bothers you, just send him a simple text saying the truth.


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