Me and a friend were perfect. then the second I Spilled to her ex that she was still and has been playing him, she flipped her sh*t. told me I was the biggest bitch in the world. blah blah blah..

her and her bf/ex are my good friends. but she's been leading him on and telling him that she still wants him but yet she's telling other guys she can't wait to see them and is planning to bate them very soon. and while she's doing that she's running back to her ex wanting sex and expecting him to act like he's her boyfriend.

so I got tired of it and told him she was talking to other guys and she assumed I told him when he told her to stop playing with his head and now she hates my guts.

am I wrong? was I not supposed to say anything? And just let him be led to thinking she still loved him and wanted a relationship again?


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  • Well, whenever our friends are doing wrong, we get stuck in this situation where we have to decide if it's right for us to say something or not.

    I believe you did the right thing, and here's why:

    More than likely, your friend thinks she was having fun and then you ruined that fun.

    But the fact is, it takes a lot of work to lie, and it takes even more work to keep a lie going.

    And once more, it takes all that one person has to keep a lie going between multiple people that they are relying on to follow along.

    Eventually this would have ended very badly for her, leaving her with no guys, and hurt feelings.

    Now maybe she needs to experience that to get wha she was doing, but as a good friend you saw she was heading down the wrong path, and you helped her the best you could.

    You don't want your friend being dishonest, and you don't want her taking on the bigger responsbility of realizing the hurt she's caused.

    Better she eat dirt with the ex now, rather than later in front of the other guys, where it would become the proverbial shooting gallery, and she would be known in multiple social circles as a "whore."

    I'm not kidding about that either. End of the day, if this situation was discovered by both guys, it would have become a "bros before hoes" moment of bonding, and the story spun on her behalf would leave her being the the next version of the swine flu.

    Be proud of yourself for having ethics, it's not everyday I see younger people exhibiting them. You definitely can walk away knowing you did the right thing, whether she realizes it or not.


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  • Yes, I think you were wrong. At most, tell your friend what you feel about baiting these guys and messing with them. But to call her out in front of them is not really cool.


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  • I did the same thing you did I felt so bad after but in the end every thing worked out fine. The guy thanked me and then my friend stopped talking to me.After a while my friend started to talk to me again and were back to being best friend I told her why I did it and she understood. I told her if she's going to do something like that I don't want to know about it because I will tell them so either she stopped or just doesn't tell me.

    You should tell her why you told him/them. You did the right thing if she is really your friend she'll understand sooner or later.

    • Thanks alot. because me and him are even better friends now that he knows he can trust me.

      but I'm really worried about loosing her as a friend cause we were really close.

      so should I wait to tell her why I did it until she cools off and starts talking to me again?

      so should I just go for it right away?

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    • Well she texted me at 5 this morning but I haven't replied yet.

      the message sounds like an apology but she's still telling me it was my fault that I didn't know the whole story. only his side.

      but then she's like you know my anger gets the best of me. and I was there for you when he hurt you (he used to date me before her)

    • Im not sure what that means. My friend didn't really say sorry or anything she just started to trust me again. It seems like she still is your friend.

  • I think you did the right thing. :)


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