Guys, Why ex blocked me on fb?

My boyfriend and I broke up a year ago (because of misunderstanding and lack of communication) after we broke up, he cut off all communications, like unfriend on fb, removed whatsapp, Skype, etc. It broke my heart, but I kept calm and kept No Contact rule, then I just found out he blocked me after a year. I just didn't get it while I didn't nag, annoy his life at all (I respect his decision), did he want to remove me forever? Why would he do that?


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  • maybe there's pieces of dirt that he made efforts to hide from you when you were together now he has already lost you why not block you and not worry if a casual contact refers to there hookup from when you were together? just a possibility but i know plenty of "players" that take this route. this maybe irrelevant in your case i dont know, nor know you. you are seeking closure. so ill leave you with these questions to ponder or dismiss just my 2 cents i just dont like seeing suffering.
    *was he an old soul?
    *were you both really passionate ie. did you ever feel a deeper connection than physical when intimate?
    *did you ever think of him just before he called etc.
    -you stated lack of comnunication which made me go this route.
    im still half asleep so maybe this is gibberish but i find sonetimes i gwt the best answers that plague me in this state.
    wishing you a light heart and a future with your soulmate who i hope is just around the corner.

    • Hi :) I'd try to answer as best as I can. My ex and I knew each other for 8 months (2 months LDR). As long as I know him, I don't think he was that "player" guy. I don't know. He seemed a kind-hearted, funny and sweet guy. At the beginning, we wanted to make our relationship work in the long run.

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    • i just had the impression that he was immature. just my 2cents.

    • I see. Somehow I was thinking the same. Thanks for sharing :)

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  • Why not? Also, what does it matter to you now? Move on. For your own sake.

    • I know, I tried. But it hurts so bad, I didn't have enough closure

    • Those are just facts you have no other choice but to accept, unfortunately.

    • You're right. Unfortunately. Let time heals. Thank you :)

  • He doesn't want to see you no more. Forget him.

    • I'm trying. Thank you :)

  • he probably doesn't want to see your profile or hear from you again.

    • Probably. Thanks :)

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    • I did and for the same reason i just stated.
      Al though in my case part of me wants her back and part of me doesn't.
      I can't say anything about what he wants though.

    • Somehow I felt off better now, as I received comments here. Thank you for your insight. It just opens my mind, and to be positive now :)

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