Why do some people try to make their ex jealous?


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  • They either want them back or they just want to validate themselves by getting that attention back. When someone is unexpectedly dumped they very often take a big hit to their ego and only the person who has done the damage can patch it back up, or at least that's how it feels.

    If, however, it is the dumper seemingly trying to make the dumped ex jealous then it could be vindictiveness or it could actually be nothing more than the dumped person's perception. Dumped people often watch the actions of their ex and think that everything the ex is doing is about them or for their attention when it isn't.

    • There's no doubt about him trying to show off the new girl. It's never been genuine and anyone can see right through it. First I thought it was done as an attempt to keep me away, but as I backed off he instead of just being with this new girl started trying his best to get me to come closer. If I don't react in any way he backs away and follows my social life from the background. If I get upset he starts doing bigger and bigger, crazier and crazier stunts to get me to react more and he won't stop bugging me.

      Our break up was due to a stupid petty argument and we both agreed to it at that moment.

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    • I've done exactly that! I haven't followed him on social media or talked to him AT ALL for the last 3 months but he still does that and keeps always trying to find new ways for it. Like contacting me trough my friends and family, appearing to places he knows I'll be at etc.

    • Just ignore it all. Tell your friends and family that you don't want any messages from him and you don't want to hear anything about him. That stops them passing on his messages. When he turns up somewhere you go then just go about your business and ignore him. Again, he can only get the attention that you allow him to have.

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  • To see if they still have some feelings for them or not. Another reason can be to test and study their reaction.

    Of course this is an immature and childish act. There is no justification for trying to make someone jealous on purpose. That is manipulation and that is morally wrong.

  • It sounds many people try to make their ex's jealous bc they want them to realize what they have lost. Its also an attempt to show the person how they are doing just fine without them, although obviously its still bothering them they aren't still with that person otherwise they wouldn't even bother.

    • Yeah! Cause why would they feel the need to show off the new partner or make a point of how great they are doing if they had genuinely moved on and didn't have feelings for the ex. If they'd moved on they wouldn't care to do such things, they would just live their lives and be happy!

  • I'm no psychologist, but I would say to make them feel somewhat gratified seeing their ex jealous of them

    • Why would someone be happy about seeing their ex jealous though? Vindictive or in no way over the ex? I wouldn't want my old exs I've moved on from to be jealous of my relationships. I don't give them any thought, what ever, let them live their lives and I'll live mine.

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  • I wouldn't spend a second thinking of mine


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