He broke up with me but is acting jealous?

He broke up with me nearly two weeks ago out of nowhere when we were doing good together because this guy told him that ages ago I slept with somebody he knows (my exes past is way worse than mine) but now the guy who told him is flirting with me and trying to get with me and had tried to get my ex to break up with me to do this.

I've tried to sort things with my ex but he doesn't talk about it, and now he keeps liking all my posts, hasn't changed his relationship status to single, and is telling everybody that the guy who broke us up is 'hitting on his girlfriend' and they are constantly arguing. So he is still claiming we are together. I still want to be with him. I tried to tell my ex about how I feel and all he could do was ask about this guy. He's younger than me so it might be immaturity but I'm confused, does he still like me?


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