How can I recover? Any advice?

I've been in a long distance relationship with a girl, and those were the happiest months of my life, literally. She meant everything to me and I would've given my life for her, I prioritised her over everything, have her everything I could. But she kept lying to me, even cheated on me, that I even forgave her even though it was one of the most painful experiences in my life, but I didn't want to lose her. She kept hurting me, lying to me, not being loyal, and in the end it ended. It's been more than a year now but I still didn't get to move on. I even have her name cut in my shoulder because I really just couldn't endure the inner pain. Is it possible that I'll never be able to recover?


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  • Slowly, things do get better. It can take years and years; the best thing is to “distract” yourself with something you like to do or something like that when it feel unbearable. If you have more questions, you may ask me. I want to help.

    • I'm trying to distract myself, but nothing can distract me when it feels unbearable, then I'm just having a constant pain in my chest and I'm feeling really empty being unable to concentrate on other things

    • Well, sometimes talking to someone helps.♥

    • You're right, it's probably the best to talk it out, thank you for your advice, I appreciate it

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  • you will get over her for sure. what you must learn is how to be happy without a girl and to leave a girl when chances were given to treat you right but no signs of improvement were shown. there will be other girls. for now focus on finding your own happiness in life.

    • Thank you, I'm just starting to feel really empty sometimes and feel like I need her otherwise I'm hurting

    • that's how it goes unfortunately. you love someone and the thought of them leaving doesn't even cross your mind. then one day, things change and it turns your world on its head. all you can do is try and cope and accept it. i was in the same boat. it helps to find people to talk to about it and do the things that you enjoy or have a passion for. if you have friends, go out with them or keep them close by. the more time goes by, the easier things will get. it's not going to change in days or weeks in my experience. so be patient. you will get over the girl, but you will be a changed man. it's a valuable lesson this though.

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