Can a woman explain this behavior?

My ex girlfriend of over a year broke up with me 2 months ago. She's been seeing this guy since two weeks after our break up and since then it seems to be getting strong between them. She seems to be happy with this mew guy but from time to time she does things like hack into my Facebook account. Also last week she just messaged me saying her son said hi and has just been making excuses. She knows how hurt i am so why does she do these sort of preventing me to move on in which I explained to her. She also told me that she does this on purpose.


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  • She is an attention seeker. You feed into it, you fall into the trap, and are only entertaining her. Stop responding and move onto better. It is not going anywhere because she isn't going to change as long as she is getting that attention out of hurting you. Stop her now. Don't ever talk to her again. Leave her in misery and dont ever be her company again.


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  • man, she's just toyin with you. stop responding, block and make better password to fb 😂. them find someone better.

    • I'll take it thanks lol.

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  • Or she really likes to see you suffer or she is trying to make it good between you two (except for the hacking part)

    • So your implying that she wants to be friends?

    • Not exactly, maybe she wants to be friends, but she can also try to get you guys to just a neutral bonding without any hate or pain? But I'm not sure really

    • 🤔 Yes it makes sense because we had bad breakup.

  • Are you sure she does that... ? Or are you being paranoid

    • Yes I'm sure I have proof.(Screenshots)

      Everytime i go no contact she does this.

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