What exactly is he doing?

we have been together for 7 years and have a 3 year old. he has broke up with me 3 times. the last time he promised that he would go to counseling, we would go to church. we would share everything. he would do whatever it took. but he just couldn't. he leaves and won't talk. I cry and try to tell him how I feel and I get nothing. when we see each other he acts as though nothing has happened, but if I try talking about it he shuts down. he is 42 years old. can I fix this? and if he doesn't want to be with me why will he not leave me alone?


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  • It sounds like he fell out of love and he feels too guilty to just leave you alone. The best option would probably be to move on to a healthier relationship if you can remain financially and emotionally stable without him.

    • the thing is last time I did finally move on. I started dating someone for the first time, and that is when he started "I love you, can't live without you." And I chose him because I loved him, and I wanted our family. seems when he gets comfortable he quits trying. opinions?

    • It sounds like he wants the comfort of a long term relationship without the restraint of actually being in one. Maybe he second guesses his choice to be with you, or maybe he's just not emotionally ready for true commitment. Either way, he sounds too fickle if what you're looking for is a father for your kid.

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  • Omg your profile says that you are 21. If he is 42 that means that you were dating him since you were 14 and he was 35...


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