Whether to continue or no?

my friends partner she has two brothers and she has done physical with both of them and she has cheated on my Frnd for 3-4 times and pretended as if she doesn't know anything until he caught her with proof and now she says she will change for him as every time she said my friend loves her a lot and he still thinks she will change for him he is right whether he shud continue with her please help my friend with ur suggestions...


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  • If you truly love someone you wouldn't cheat, you couldn't cheat


What Guys Said 1

  • Once a cheater always a cheater.
    Why did she cheat in the first place, because she don't love him anymore.

    • she says mistakes happen Unknowningly and she will she change for him

    • Action speaks louder than words. Lets put this aside.
      If you don't love a person anymore that's means you don't love. If you love them you won't cheat on them and hurt them. If there is once there can be twice and thrice and so on.

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