Why would my ex tell me he loves talking to me, misses me and thinks about me all time, then 3 days later tells me he's over me? Is he really over me?

Also tells me to feel free to text him and be his friend. And that he cares for me. And he calls me back after I called him while he was in a meeting.
He used to initiate contact every single day. Now he doesn't text me anymore unless I text him first. He does reply in a timely manner and his texts are engaging and involved. But is he really over me? He said he doesn't initiate contact because he is protecting himself from the hurt. And he told me to contact him in September after all the bullshit he is going through right now. If he is over me why would he call me back? When he doesn't have to.


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  • he's not

    • how do you know? why would he tell me he's over me when I asked him yes or no

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    • you are so right. he messaged me last night telling me he's not over me and he still has feelings for me but I did not reciprocate anymore. I am finally over him. Thanks :)

    • No problem😁

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  • I swear to God. It's so he can keep you on the back burner so he can use you to fuck when he can't find someone else. The reason for the change is he found someone else to fuck. Why are you even talking to him?

    • Oh I already stopped talking to him after he told me he's over me. He dumped me 3 months ago. But he kept crawling back pleading begging me to talk to him and he's a loner. That's why I gave in to be his friend and I still love him very much. I am his first sexual experience and he said his first real love. He's going through so much right now with work, school, upcoming trip and is shopping for a car. We were together for 9 months. He is a good guy. He just got fed up with me I guess... Is he over me? Like he said he is?

    • He isn't a good guy and just because he's a loner doesn't mean he won't get other women. Never have anything to do with an ex. You're fucking up. You will not reconcile and ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after nor will you remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it

    • I messed up by welcoming him back over and over? Yes you are right.

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