My ex girlfriend is messing with my head but I would take her back tomorrow?

My girlfriend broke up with me in Feb and my head been a mess she won't answer my questions about y we broke up in my mine we went from telling people about our relationship to lets b friend then Monday I told her I told my mum us she wanted to meet but let me down again does she want me back or no I'm so confused all over again


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What Guys Said 1

  • So girls even mess with each others heads? How the fuck is this possible! haha xD Surely if you're both girls, you can have more sense of what each other is feeling? That's the reason men don't understand women - Because we're less emotional.

    • Think maybe she got scared maybe I don't know wish she would tell me what's going on

What Girls Said 2

  • What is she doing that is messing with your head? Doesn't sound like a good person.

    • We were going to tell people about our relationship and was talking about uni which she hasn't even started then said she didn't see uss working I wanted answers it felt like 100 to 0 in a matter of days
      Then when I told her I told my mum about us she wanted to talk because she had a free house but wouldn't give me her address and it never happened so I have more questions

  • She did quite a number on you didn't she

    • People keep telling me to walk away but I don't think I can

    • Yeah you can, but you don't want to. There's a difference

    • So u think I should walk away

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