My boyfriend said he loved me but then dumped me, will he come back?

My boyfriend and I got together and we had EVERYTHING in common. He said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and that I mattered more than anything. But I had to go overseas for 2 months and about a month into it he wrote me and said that his parents were never going to approve of me and that we needed to breakup. Then when I asked him what the REAL reason was, he said it was because he fell for his ex again. He hung out with her almost everyday after I left. I didn't make a big deal out of it though, because I'm not the jealous type. He wants to stay friends and he still texts me and writes me all the time. Do you think when I get back and he sees me everyday at school he'll come crawling back? And how do I act?


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  • Why do You care if he comes back to U? He dumped You for no good reason. Move on and if he says he wants You back, You tell him "U had me, but You didn't want me. Now I don't want U". However, if You wish, do remain friends.

    P.S.: I HATE people who would simply dump someone, let alone use the excuse "My Parents don't think your right for me" SHUT UP!

    • I don't WANT him back. I just want to know if it's possible. He always ends up back together with girls he dates in the past. Do you think he'll come back? I haven't been answering his messages and stuff.

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  • ask him. be honest. say, do you ever think we could be together again?


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  • dang, find someone new... and hopefully they don't leave you for no one... actions speak louder than words... if he left you, he could probably do it againa nd you don't want that.


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