Is it over? Or will he want me "back"?

So there's this guy... one of my brother's good friends. So he told me that he loved me. Then, we went out and there were also my brother and his friends. And I wasn't supposed to be there but the friend wanted it so I tagged along. He wanted to kiss me but my brother and him were joking they had some kind of bet so I didn't want to kiss him because of that. Turns out, there wasn't a bet but oh well. And today we were texting and basically he said he wanted to finger me which I brushed off, and later he told me he loved me. Then I told him I loved him too. We were talking for a bit longer and then he told me that he only dates girls that let him finger them (which I doubt he's done before because he's only had 2 girlfriends so far). I told him I wouldn't do that because we're too young (I'm 14 and was born in 2003 and he's also 14 but he was born in 2002). And well I guess it's just not gonna work. He told me to tell him if I changed my mind. So I was sad for a little bit because of that but then I went to the movies with 3 guy friends and put that on my instagram story, which he replied to, saying; "That's a lot of guys" I said: "only 3 haha" and he said something like "yum" but in our language so it made more sense. The I told him that it's not like that and that I only liked one person and he knows who (him obviously) and he just left me on seen. Then later I called my brother and he picked up and was like: "Hey baby how are you" I told him I wasn't okay (which was because of all this) and he asked me why but I didn't reply. Do you think this is the end? I mean if he really liked me he wouldn't mind waiting or anything but this really breaks my heart and I don't know what to do.

we never dated by the way


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  • Sounds like he only said he loves you to get in yo panties

  • Hell of a story, didn't read all of it.
    How long does he have to wait for you?


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