What to say to my ex?

Here is the background info:


Now, I have been following the no contact rule...and after a week of this he text me...

Hey I hope you are doing really good...I have a few questions for you...do you want any of the furniture from the apartment or do you want to sell it and keep the money?

My thoughts this is just another way of him trying to get me to take care of something he should be taking care of...after he is the one who broke up with me.

I want to text him but I don't want to sound bitchy and I don't want to sound like I still am interested in him.It has been 2 weeks of no contact. I also don't want the furniture. If anyone has any ideas please comment...Thanks


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  • I commend you for following the no contact rule, I would follow up and call him but keep the convo related to the matter at hand which is the furniture. don't bring up the relationship. I went through the same thing with my ex. we were happy, he broke up with me, but periodically calls me to see what I am doing, which the furniture is an excuse to call you, I hope you know that. I know it is hard but you are doing really well despite the circumstances.

    Calling you about the furniture is an excuse to talk to you by the way, I hope you realixe that. but you are above his games. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you...your advice with really helpful!

    • Update: text him: hey I'm not really interested in any of the furniture, hope you and your family are doing good. he txt: I'm just going to put the furniture in storage do you wanna keep the security deposit. I txt: I am cool with whatever you choose to do, when I moved my things out I never expected any part of the security deposit..I gotta go I'm driving. He txt: OK talk to you later take care be safe I still care about you. Thoughts? Anyone?

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