Can my ex boyfriend and I really stay good friends?

We still have feelings for each other 2-3 months after the breakup.
We never mentioned about it, it is just obvious, there's a spark between us.
We broke up because we are not able to be in each other's city now and in the future.
We are friends now, really close friends (not as close as best friends), but I'm afraid that if we still have feelings, then when once one of us got a new partner, another of us might get jealous and will ruin the friendship we had built.
But we agreed to leave everything behind, so I don't want to say something like: let's not be friends for the moment because we still have feelings etc. Our friendship is very healthy and positive, I don't want to ruin it.

Any advice?
Nono, we don't live in the same city and aren't able to see each other.
We are friends now because we were good friends before started dating, and also because we have many mutual close friends.


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  • No. Your first line is the reason why you both want each other in your lives still - back up source for sex.

  • yes why not


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