It hurts and I don't know what to think?

OK so Thursday was like any other day with my boyfriend of 5 months. we had a slight fall out but made up 10mins later and he said love you to me. that night while carrying on with a duvet cover he said " there is a reason we can't share a duvet" jokingly I said " cause your fat ... JOKE" even tho I said joke he got up and dressed and packed everything he had at my flat and left. the next day he sent me a couple of texts and was putting kisses at the end , however that night he text saying "I think we need sometime apart, its not just the fat things its about how you sometimes speak to me" I have text him today saying I was sorry and willing that we had been spending way too much time together so soon into the relationship and that I was willing to work on the relationship and maybe if we spent a couple of days apart it would be improved and asked to speak when he came back from his week at a sea cadet camp. he has agreed to meet with me the day he comes back but I can't help but think its def over for good and I don't want it to be. what should I be thinking ? please help me :)


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  • It sounds to me like although you love him etc, you probably speak before you think and then it hurts him and his reaction is to run or it develops into an argument. He is obviously sensitive and takes words to heart. You need to think before you say something to him. Joking about weight isn't a nice thing. But nevertheless, you don't want to break up with him, but you could be giving him the reason why to, but having said that. The fact that you are meeting up, is a good thing. Take it one step from there, but start afresh and be mindful of the things you say to him. Have a plan of what you would like to say to him as this may help. Listen to what he says and understand how he feels.

    • Thank you, I think I may have chased him away , He text me saying he wasn't sure how he feels just now so we are on a break. But I can't help but think that I have totally ruined things and he is just meeting because he doesn't like to hurt anyone. I have apologised a lot to him and was glad he agreed to meet and even said he wanted to see me on Friday however I have prepared myself for him saying I am totally over you and don't feel anything for you so I don't get hurt on friday.

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