Ex tells me he loves me and misses me and has a pic of us on his dresser, but doesn't come back?

as stated above, he broke up with me months ago, keeps in contact with me, says he loves me, and says he has a pic of us on his dresser. But he makes no move to come back. I'm confused.


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  • I still love my ex-girlfriend. We are very, very close (though 22,000 miles appart). She has a new boyfriend now and I'm very happy about that, as long as he makes her happy that is). I often tell her I still love her, but she understands now how I mean it. I love her dearly but we just don't work as a couple, but we make the greatest friends.

    So, possibly, this is the situation for your ex. He loves you for all the reasons you got together but has found mutual incompatibilities between you and knows now the relationship isn't right.

    However, its also possible he might be regretting the split up but is too proud to go back on his choices and decisions.

    Either way, your best bet is to be understanding, show him who you are. Just be yourself and relax. If you still want a relationship as a couple, let him know but don't push things. Talk to him honestly and openly about where you are at and encorage him to do the same. Be ready for the worst (whatever that is for you) but hope for the best. What I mean by that is, be prepared to accept it might just be a love that can't work out as a couple and understand that, but until he shows signs of moving on properly, just don't rush into anything new (but meet people have fun and live life).

    I am really glad I meet my ex because I know that there is one person in the world that does love me truly and not because I'm related, and it goes both ways. You will never lose touch with someone you truly love if they also love you, but not everyone we share a true love with can be right for us and prehaps ultimately there is only one right love.

    • YOurs is a very good answer. I guess I don't understand how one can love someone and not want to be with them.

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    • I couldn't understand it either, until I lived it. You could say I didn't love her enough, that is something I've thought myself. When we finally split I had to lie and say I didn't love her, because it was the only way it could have ended, otherwise we would have been unhappy together always. Now, we are so glad of each other, appriciate each other far more than when we where together and understand each-other better. It works because, we are apart I am not hurt by the way she views me because

    • Now she is not someone who is supposed to understand the me I am inside but someone who can see the me as I appear to others. In a partner you need someone who sees the same you you feel inside yourself and not what outward appearences would seem. Its hard to explain, its a matter of having faith in the person you know your partner to be and knowing the same person they feel they are. Me and my ex know each others appearences / seemings / qualities but not each others souls.

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  • Was it a bad break up? Maybe he's hurt.

    I love my ex but we just can't work. She's unstable and immature and I can't do anything to help her even tho I want to :(

    • Not a bad break up. we were very happy. and he's not seeing anyone else.

    • Maybe he wants space then

  • just i\try to contact him again, and talk with him, b'coz I lost my love in the same way


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  • Do you make it clear that you want him back?


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