Immediately post breakup. Limit contact or follow heart?

We both came out of failed marriages. We fell madly in love. 18 months later we were engaged and shortly thereafter due to a challenge in her life, she and her kids moved in with me and my kids. Immediately the beautiful relationship began to fade. Merging two lives when you are older can be hard, but merging the lives of the kids as well was harder. She went to counseling. She asked me to go and willingly went with her. She asked me to go find a counselor for myself while she continued with hers. I was slow to do that - always focused on whatever fire needed put out, she observed. Last week she told me she wanted to break up - too much hassle from my kids and too little time from me. She is in the process of moving out. I don't want her to go - I love her. I've really only had two long term relationships. I've started counseling. Logically, giving her the space to move out and move on is the right thing to do. ... but I love her and don't want her to leave. I'm heart broken and struggling to do the right thing for the one I love. What should I do?
  • Give her space to move on. It's over.
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  • If you love her, fight for her. It's not over until you stop trying.
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  • Dude, that's too many words to read, but I like answering polls
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  • I have sage advice for you, see my comment below
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  • Just show me the answers
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Hmmm... one vote let her go, one vote fight for her. Exactly what my mind and heart are telling me, respectively.


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  • Give her space

    • It appears that's what she wants - what with moving out and all. I wonder how long feeling totally broken lasts...

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