Will he kiss me when we hang alone?

Ex boyfriend dumped me but still has feelings. We're still friends. Planning on hanging out when I come back from vacation in a few days. He said he's fine with hanging out as friends. For a few hours we'll hang probably. Do you think he'd kiss me? I'm not going to force him to kiss me but if he tries I won't stop him.
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  • we need wayyyy more context to give you an answer, why did he dump you, has anything changed, is he confident, has he shown any signs that he still likes you etc

    • He knows I love him a lot. He still says I love you.

    • then maybe he will? again still need more context

  • booty call

    • How?

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    • why would he hang out with someone dumped? I can see if it is in a group of mutual friends but alone? you will rekindle old, memories things will get, playful and before you know it you guys are doing the dirty. then after he will say how nice it was and how he cares for you but still doesn't think you guys can be back in a relationship but he wants you to be in his life as a friend. I've played this game before.

    • Ok. Thank you

  • why would we know?

    • I mean would you if you still loved her

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    • Ever heard of people dumping people they still love? Jeez it happens

    • not really... again, what backward ass logic is that?

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