How to get him back?

I have been in a relationship for 2 years, We had good times but in the last year we used to fight a lot , he changed his career I stood by him but he never appreciated it, since he got too busy, he neglected me and we stopped having any fun and the only vacation he took was with his friends and since this vacation he started to ignore me and treat me bad and blame everything on me And recently we moved to a new house that he bought he started to be controlling about every single move I take in the apartment, however when we lived earlier in my apartment for a Year, I gave him keys and it was his home as well as mine. Yesterday we had a fight, he said it is boring with me and he does not see it happening on the long term as we always get back to fighting, he also said if I want it to work I have to put the major effort, when I told him we should have fun again then things be fine he said that is not the problem, and he has a problem with everything and one more fight and he will end it.
I feel disappointed and I do not know what to do
I still love him but he took me for granted way too much , I want him back but not unless he knows how to treat me
How to get him back?
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