How to get him back?

I have been in a relationship for 2 years, We had good times but in the last year we used to fight a lot , he changed his career I stood by him but he never appreciated it, since he got too busy, he neglected me and we stopped having any fun and the only vacation he took was with his friends and since this vacation he started to ignore me and treat me bad and blame everything on me And recently we moved to a new house that he bought he started to be controlling about every single move I take in the apartment, however when we lived earlier in my apartment for a Year, I gave him keys and it was his home as well as mine. Yesterday we had a fight, he said it is boring with me and he does not see it happening on the long term as we always get back to fighting, he also said if I want it to work I have to put the major effort, when I told him we should have fun again then things be fine he said that is not the problem, and he has a problem with everything and one more fight and he will end it.
I feel disappointed and I do not know what to do
I still love him but he took me for granted way too much , I want him back but not unless he knows how to treat me


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  • i think you should leave him on his own for few days, let him feel the loneliness, at first he will be happy and seems to be enjoying being single. after some time has passed he will really know your absence. if he doesn't feel this way... he was never meant for you ever.

    • in the last 2 months we have been meeting every 2 weeks once he seems happy in the first 1-2 days then withdraw again and blame me for not having fun

  • hi i read your post and i want you to know that you can still get back your man love. i was also in this kind of situation some years back but today we are happy together. can you mail me on my email so that i can let you know what to do and it will work out well for you.
    mccartkatty @ gmail. com message me now ok it will really help you

    • hey, I really appreciate your response but unfourtantly my e-mail does not work since morning. would really like to discuss it with you though

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  • As much as it hurts to hear, it doesn't seems like this relationship has much potential anymore. Once partners resent each other it is really hard to wind the clock back.

    It sounds like you love him, but why do you want to be with someone who doesn't make you happy or bring out the best in you? Could you live the rest of your life as things are? It's never a good plan to expect your partner to change. Sadly you have to accept things as they are now.

    Breaking up and facing life on your own after being together for so long can be hard, just keep reminding yourself that you have value and deserve to be with someone who loves you and makes you happy.

    • thanks for your response, but every time I tell him you wanna break up he says if things did not change then yes but he never do break up always say try once more and then he never do, I will move out from his apartment, I just feel bad that he does not even regret what he does to me

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    • A break might be a way to ease into a break up, but just cutting your losses might be cleaner for you. I wouldn't bother giving it another chance. Repeating "One more time" again and again will leave you stuck there forever.

    • thanks for your response I appreciate it

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