SOOOOO Confused?

we have broken up 3 times. all three times we're because you could not handle communicating with me about things that I felt he had done wrong. One being leaving and kicking me and the kids out. This last time he promised he would do counseling we would go to church he would do whatever it took. But again he got tired and left. he texts me and calls daily, wants to spend time with me and the kids. But if I bring bring up where we are at and how I feel and how he feels, I get no response. what is going on? how should I handle it? I am on the verge of breaking. part of me wants to say the heck with it and part of me wants to work on it. any suggestions would be much appreciated!


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  • talk to him. that's probably the easiest and best way. Maybe he has problems and he doesn't want to confront you.

    • that's the problem. when I try and talk I get no response. last time this happened I tried for a long time till he said maybe we needed to go separate ways. so that's what I did. I started dating a guy and then he shows up "I love you I'm sorry I'll do anything"

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    • no I don't have a new boyfriend. I had a new boyfriend the second time he broke up with me. but then he decided that he wanted me back.

    • okay. but my opinion is still the same.

  • How long has this pattern been going on?

    • six years. and we have a child together and my oldest child adores him.

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    • I think I'm pregnant

    • Oh boy... still you are probably better off not to be with him. Kids are better off without the drama

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