He's completely wrong for me.. yet I am sad.. why?

My ex is and I wanted different things.. I am a great communicator and he his horrible at it... i am romantic and he's not, I am a positive person and uplift people , he is negative and hates most people , I don't drink or smoke and he does both daily, I want kids and he doesn't.. overall we just didn't work but when we were together it was magical.. when we kissed it was like kissing no other person.. you just felt the passion and love we had for each other.. but even with that our differences made me lonely and he is an arrogant prideful ass... so how come I am so sad.. i feel heartbroken.. I feel a piece of me is missing. How can I move on?


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  • Your heart broken because you lost what might have been. Losing a partner is hard but also losing the question what if with them is also extremely hard mentally.


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  • A piece of you is missing. A relationship has died, and now you're grieving. Very sad. Keep breathing.
    Time is a great healer (even though you don't wanna hear that right now).

  • maybe because it's not how you described?

    • Well actually it was worse..

    • sorry, I can't really understand artists. It's horrible, but so good... what? If it were me, say with the same experience, I'd be grateful for the chemistry, but avoid those types of guys. But it's not me, so you can continue to mourn the relationship and bang your head off walls instead of evolving.

  • hi read your post and i want you to know that you can still this man you love so much and he will be so nice and change his way and thought.


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