How can I cut off my feelings so I dont get hurt?

i always try to do good and my relationships or flings or whatever you may call it is always a mess and im always the loser who walks away with the dragging feet. so whats the secret? cause i know a few girls whos mean and cheaters and they get married. but i even decided to date real ugly guys to prevent my heart from breaking and even they left me so i must be doing something wrong.


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  • don't trust anyone completely and constantly expect to be betrayed by everyone including family


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  • just be good always dear... when the time will come... you will for sure met the right person... just don't trust anybody so early.. be as friends... till u both think that u can spend the life...

  • just give less and at a slower pace till the guy seems like something special.

  • you need me

  • Become depressed

    • why? that sounds so shitty

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    • Well first of all u need to be aware that u enter the world of feelings then so do u really want to get out?

      Also it was a lot of work. I watched YouTube videos that gave me a different view of life and not the "we will all die so nothing really matters" kind of view. Then I realized that most normal people who think live a normal live are trapped and unhappy and I decided not to go the normal way. Instead go my own way and not to listen to people. I made new friends. Did most of the things I was afraid to do to get more confidence and my anxiety to go away
      Im still not completely grounded. I'd say I have one feet still back in depression but it doesn't frighten me. Realize that u can always choose to get out of it and u can do it.
      Im still in the process of doing all the above things. I'm still not completely going my own way and there are some other things I still need to improve. But I know that I'll do it and i don't look back and depression won't get a hold of me again.

    • cool thanks thats kind of a way of seeing it and good advise

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