How are things looking for my ex and I?

We were together for 7 years, always been in love. We broke up over something trivial and had 4 months NC. We have met up loads of times and in the last few weeks and have spoken about what went wrong in the relationship, he cooked me dinner round his, had day outings and meals and spent time with mutral friends, we have kissed and cuddled and we slept together - he told me he wanted to get back together and cares about me deeply, but wants to wait a little before jumping back in to the relationship. He is not dating anyone, except for seeing me. Does it look hopeful?


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  • It almost seems as if you two never broke up to begin with. May i ask... why did you guys break up, that part i do not get.

    • We broke up because he was working a lot at his new job, however I thought it was because he wanted to spend time with this female co-worker. It played over and over in my head which caused to over-react and it eventually pushed us apart. There was nothing going on between them and was just working more so he could get extra cash for our future and to make a good impression on his boss.

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    • Thank you for your reply, it was a silly break-up.

    • You live and learn, wish you guys the best, take care.

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  • It does, in my opinion the breakup was worth giving you two time to think throughly what changes need to be made and what steps should be taken.
    However, this compassion and emotion he is showing you now may not last. I've noticed people who breakup, even after being together for so long, rarely get back together. In some cases they do, and things workout but in others, it doesn't. Basically, it's a chance you have to be willing to take. Examine your own feelings about him. Do you still love him and care about him? Do you see a future with him, despite what happened in the past? Think it clearly and try to evaluate your thoughts and feelings. Dont think about the ones in the past, or let those feelings of missing him come into play more so than the other thoughts you have. Take time to think this through. Its a huge step, and the relationship will most probably not be like it was before.

    But, if you two do care and love and can commit to each other again, and rebuild that bond stronger, than I'd say go for it. He seems ready to jump right into getting back together. I give you advice of waiting and thinking deeply about it before making a decision.
    Good luck!

    • Thank you for your reply. I love him deeply and want him to be happy. You are very right, we both agreed that the break-up was needed as it could have led to resentment between us. We had such a close bond before.

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