Why are all these older guys hitting on me?

Okay, when ever I go online or outside, older guys always hit on me. But like not a few years older, like men aged 30-60!! And some have children? Im only 20, and I know for a fact I don't look old, because everyone thinks I'm about 17. Or says I look younger than 20. Why is this happening to me? And why are guys my age not even noticing me? I don't understand and I find it a bit creepy that only old men like me.
Accidentally tagged it under break up and divorce instead of flirting whoops


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  • older men like younger women so they tend to go for that. you're right though, guys can be a little creepy about it

    • Like less than half their age younger? It seems like too much of an age gap, why would they even be interested in someone who pretty much just started their lives compared to them?

    • probably for sex. Having someone young who you can teach things too and have fun with is appealing. As long as you're legal your age barely matters to some people

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  • Because old men only want young meat lol, they think they still have game


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  • It could be where you live.

  • Because they know you want older guys

    • Not really, I would prefer someone my age rather than a 42 year old man with kids :/

    • That's strange, usually girls date guys a lot older

    • I'm only 20 tho. Like a few years older, max 5 is okay. But nothing more

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