Messed up bad and worried I'll never get her back?

A girl liked me a lot, but then I messed up bad, and I tried apologizing to her but she didn't accept it and told me to go away. It's been a month since that, and I have no clue what to do and am terrified she'll never forgive me and that I lost the love of my life.


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  • Have you tried contacting her now that a month has passed and apologizing again? Like a trite and humble apology? Not one where you get mad at her for not accepting your apology to begin with or a Ross Gellar apology whet you blame half of it in the girl

    • Well, I sent her another message to try and apologize but she hasn't seen it yet, because she's gone to work at a summer camp or something. I also figured if she still doesn't like this apology and is hurt, I might just start acting sly and say "I know you're hurt by me, but I'm not going to give up on a great girl like you without a fight". I'm worried that that would just sound creepy though, even I mean it as how special I find her

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  • I was kind of in the same situation you are. I broke up with my ex about 5 months ago. I apologized for everything not to long after we broke up but she didn't accept it. I learned now that it's because it wasn't sincere and that you have to be willing to make the issues that caused the break up to come to light and work on fixing them and overcoming them so you don't make the same mistake. My grandma always told me that anybody can say they're sorry cuz it's just a word but it's your actions that prove what you really mean. I have worked on fixing our problems and we are great friends again and may get back together as I overcame and still work on everyday the issues that tore us apart because I do want my ex back and I'm assuming you do also. My advice is to focus on yourself and work on the issues but stay in touch with her and build a friendship and attraction again. Let her see that your sorry through your actions and then when she warms up to you again go ahead and make that full hearted apology


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