Why did my ex block me on instagram a mother later?

We were long distance for 7 months and he finally 'came to see me' where he and his friend stayed at my place. He barely spent any time with me and went out partying without me almost every night.

Immediately when he was back home he became very distant (stopped saying I love you etc). I kept asking what was wrong and he said it was nothing.. eventually when I called he said 'the vibe was gone' .. I was heartbroken but basically said as long as he's happy.. he wanted to stay friends; i said it would be too difficult to speak everyday, but I would still be there for him if he needed me - he said the same and I thought we ended on good terms -eventhough I was devastated.

2 weeks later he posted of him partying with a bunch of girls on snapchat, wearing what I bought him; he also posted a picture I took of him on insragram... It hurt but I viewed/liked it and didn't say anything to him

I was away on holiday since the break up and when I got back home I sent him back his hoodies that he gave me - It felt awkward to keep... he texted me saying "thanks for the gift. (:" I said it was his things and apologised for the delay in sending it back as I was on holiday ; he didn't reply (that was the 1st time we spoke since we broke up)

He posted another picture on IG and I liked it coz I didn't want to seem bitter

About a week later I posted a picture of myself for the 1st time in a while and a few hours later he blocked me off instagram (this is a month after our break up).. he didn't block me off whatsapp or snapchat though.

I just don't understand why he did that when I did nothing to him... he used and then dumped me and still I didn't fight with him, beg him to stay together or try to retaliate in anyway.. so why did he block me? Why now?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.. I'm just really upset and confused at the moment

Thank you in advance xx


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What Guys Said 2

  • He wants to move on. I suggest the exact same for you.

    • I guess I didn't think of that coz I thought he moved on before we even ended things, but thank you for your input x

    • People are weird. He could be jealous he could be simply trying to forget about you completely, i dont realky know. But I suggest you block him in all forms and don't contact him again. Blocking will resist the temptation to talk to him and help you move on.

  • He wants to move on.


What Girls Said 1

  • I guess he wants to do his best to move on and he can't do that if he sees you on instagram all the time


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