Love hate bla bla bla?

There is this girl. I cared about her. We used to spend a lot of time together. She was the only girl I had truly opened up to. I know I loved her. Never felt about anyone else like this ever. It was easy to talk to her. I liked the way her eyes shrunk when she laughed. We used to stay up all night talking talking random stuff.. watching movies. Her brother was a colleague and friend we all lived togather. I wanted to take things up with her. I wanted to ask her out. I had many chances and it was clear she liked me as well , but she was my friends little sister. My closeness with her started to bother my friend. I tried to talkng to him but he always changed subject. One day all hell broke lose and I left the house after a huge argument with her brother.

She completely cut me off. I haven't heard her voice for over a year now. No text. Blocked me in Facebook changes numbers. I still feel miserable. I just can't help it. Some nights I dream about her and morning is hell. How can she be so cold? Does she feel nothing at all? What else would I have possibly done? Is this really what love is?


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  • It's kind of a strange scenario. Maybe she's more attached to her brother than for you, or maybe he convinced her to stay away from you for some reason. There was obviously something he didn't like about you, and probably didn't want his sister dating you. He was probably hoping to stay buddies with you anyways, but then he realized your affection was growing for his sister. Maybe he told her about something bad you did in the past, and his version of it kind of turned her off.

    Your best bet is to forget about this girl. Just keep trying with a new relationship. Our hearts can hurt, but they also have the capacity to heal over time. It's unbearable now, but it will be manageable later.

    Maybe one day she'll contact you or you guys will get in touch later. She might even get jealous or feel regret when she realizes you weren't pining for her like she thought. When you see her again, just be guarded. That's kind of a turn on, and makes you seem more valuable, like she should have cherished you when she had the chance. Show her you have self-respect. Nobody likes a circus monkey that's willing to juggle balls for free just because we ask them to. Maybe when her attitude is adjusted you guys can get together again.

    But stop wishing for it to happen, or else you'll never get there.

    • First 3 months was the hardest. I mostly cried my pain out when I was alone. I felt pain and guilt. I have lost 2 close friends. Fridays were blurry and my typing ugly. But I finally got a reply from her. She told me never to contact her again. Smashed my phone. After that I did anything to keep her off my mind. It didn't work. She was like an illness.

      Next 2 more months gone. I should have asked her out anyway when I had a chance. I was weak that's why she cut me off. I hoped she was OK. I probably got her in trouble. I hit the gym. I was drained but plunged into work, made mistakes. Got me noticed. If she actually gave a fck she would call me or text me by now.

      And then Ione night I was done wallowing. It didn't hurt the same. Guilt was gone. She never stood her ground for me.

      We are never getting togather, I accept that. I will never be so vulnerable to any other girl again after what I been through. I am not sure how to move on to a new relationship.

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  • love can seem complicated when you dont feel it often

  • Sounds like if she really likes you she would tell her brother to stay out of it..


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