Love hate bla bla bla?

There is this girl. I cared about her. We used to spend a lot of time together. She was the only girl I had truly opened up to. I know I loved her. Never felt about anyone else like this ever. It was easy to talk to her. I liked the way her eyes shrunk when she laughed. We used to stay up all night talking talking random stuff.. watching movies. Her brother was a colleague and friend we all lived togather. I wanted to take things up with her. I wanted to ask her out. I had many chances and it was clear she liked me as well , but she was my friends little sister. My closeness with her started to bother my friend. I tried to talkng to him but he always changed subject. One day all hell broke lose and I left the house after a huge argument with her brother.

She completely cut me off. I haven't heard her voice for over a year now. No text. Blocked me in Facebook changes numbers. I still feel miserable. I just can't help it. Some nights I dream about her and morning is hell. How can she be so cold? Does she feel nothing at all? What else would I have possibly done? Is this really what love is?
Love hate bla bla bla?
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