Single dad question!! Why won't my ex girlfriend s new boyfriend introduce himself?

Why won't my ex girlfriends new boyfriend introduced himself. We've been separated for over 5yrs now and we have a daughter together. She's been living with this hew guy for a year now. Every time I ask to meet him she avoids the topic. I had the chance to finally see the guy last week and when I said hey, he avoided me and went straight inside. Wtf, ya know? I mean it would just be respectful to say hey I'm the new guy in your child's life.. I don't get it, this ever happen to anyone else?


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  • IF your ex is manipulative and if you guys ended on a bad note, It's possible that she lied and told her current partner those lies; resulting in him not liking you. Or he could just be extremely awkward and not know how to handle the situation. But to me personally it is weird for him to refuse contact with you. And as a parent you should definitely force a meeting between you and that man since he is around your daughter often.

  • I have had this happen to me before. I ended up finding out that the new girlfriend was so jealous of me and Did Not Want Me Around at all. She was so afraid he'd want me back. God forbid talking to my ex about our child. She would flip! And it got worse through the years. It was a living nitemare until she was 18. Hope u have better luck.

    • Kimber1
      Thanks for you're input, I would be interested in chatting with a little more for some advice if your interested.. I'm starting to date now and thinking about the future. Have you introduced your baby dad to any of your new relationships?

    • yes i have but i highly recommend that you get to know that person first. Date for at least a yr. I wouldn't introduce my child right away. And when u find that special someone that you want to be with and TRUST that person then i would introduce your child. As far as dating there may be many and you really do not want to keep introducing your child to different people all the time. Its just to confusing for children. Make sure you take at least one nite out a week without your child and also take time one nite just for you and your child. Daddy child time very important. And its Fun! Doing fun activities and learning activities. The bonding and the things you learn from our children. Its amazing they grow up so fast. Take lots of pictures of life witch become memories your child will appreciate it when they get older. I could go on and on. Just remember your child comes first. And if u have any more questions i would be glad to answer them.

    • oh one more thing dont ever talk bad about your ex in front of your child. It hurts them the most. Talk to another adult too vent too. My ex talked bad about me infront of our daughter. Him and his new wife. made up some bad lies about me and it confused our daughter. But when my daughter got older she figured out the truth. And she was hurt that he lied to her all those years and for no reason! He did it out of spite to hurt me. Anyway just do the best you can and hope for the best!

  • Sorry.. they are like this. run background check on him just in case.

    • I have and haven't found anything to bad, it's just weird that he won't man up..

    • Yep it sux big time. Some people are weird.

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