How do you stop loving someone you shouldn't love?

So y'all are going to think I'm a dumb bitch but here goes
When i had just turned 18 before my first semester of college i was using badoo and i started talking to this guy he was 23 sexy confident cocky and he made my heart flutter every time we talked
I went to college without meeting him we were 8 hrs apart but we talked texted video chated everyday hed get jealous and possesive when i went to college parties or head hear my phone ding from text i didn't mind so much i like when guys are possessive and dominant
On day he said i have to tell u something he said i love u without hesitation i said it back and i knew it was true i did love him (first love)
but fast forward
Since i was in foster care my during the break placements were always different and never close to him so we never met up and i dfcs eventually had me drop out because i was to far for my case worker to see me and they were paying for my college food everything
I was put in a apartment still not close to him 3hrs away
Our distance caused trust issues
We were on and off
We both had relationship in between i was even proposed to he got engaged to a girl he got pregnant ( she aborted and left him she wasn't ready )
But we always came back together
We loved each other but we never stayed together because distance
a few months ago he contacted me
I had a bad relationship i ended
He was in a unhappy relationship with a prego girl (not his)
We talked about getting back together but i knew soon as that girl had her baby hed run back because he wants a baby so bad and he did...
Now there engaged and getting married and I'm heartbroken
I've never even meet him..
Help me...


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What Guys Said 2

  • it is not easy to stop but iam going to start some things she or he doesn't like for example when she call the telzphone im not answer and else

  • Find someone else. That's how you move on.


What Girls Said 1

  • Its not easy, it takes times, sometimes you have to be patient for years.


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