Chances of getting back with ex?

Greetings! I'm sure some variation of this question has been posted a million times before. I dated a guy for 3 months and though it was short we packed a lot into those 3 months. Things were going fine until I asked what he thought about us and being the over thinker that he is, he talked himself out of continuing to date. He basically freaked out, about everything from being long distance, to money, etc. I was the first person he was with since his long term serious girlfriend that he thought he was going to marry. He said he was being reminded of things from his last relationship and that he probably just shouldn't date right now. We were also long distance, which was an issue for him. He wanted to remain friends, and we had been since things ended back in March. He was just passing through my town last week and we met up for dinner and hung out and it was really nice. He never mentioned another girl in his updates on life. I started to think maybe he was seeing someone based on social media, so I just flat out asked in text yesterday. He told me that he has been seeing someone. I realized just how much I am still attracted to him, judging how upset I got. I told him I was happy for him but that I should probably unfollow him on social media because seeing photos would make me miss him. He said he understood but that he hopes
we can be friends in the future. So here I am feeling pretty sad, wondering if I made the right choice by cutting off contact. I know it's crazy to ask, but is there any chance he could end up missing my presence in his life? Has anyone out there ever gotten back with someone after they moved on? Is cutting off contact best? I guess that's more than one question. Thank you for reading this novel.
Chances of getting back with ex?
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