Do guys grieve after they end things with you?

I was in a long distance relationship that started hot and heavy, then fizzled out due to the distance. He pursued me with vigor and made things official between as soon as possible. Then after I went home one weekend he became distant, but still called and texted me every day. He broke up with me in person, and still hugged and kissed me after the fact. Now he seems completely fine online. Do men grieve after letting someone they are with go? Or is it easy for them to move on?


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  • I know I have grieved in the past. especially when it was with a girl that I was pursuing vigorously. I always try to put 110% effor into every relationships I'm in and try to make them last as long as possible. When I work hard and it doesn't last because of them falling out of love or losing faith I grieve.

    • grieve? like getting over them after a week or two? like nothing happened?

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    • wasn't strong or very strong? how about very strong? so if it was very strong, he got over me that fast?

    • If he got over you quickly his love probably wasn’t strong for you. Again I can’t speak for him though.

What Girls Said 2

  • Men typically only grieve when they invested something in you. Time or money.

    Both are subjective relative to the guy. But a good rule of thumb for the average guy:

    With you for >1 year, he'll miss something about you-- and grieve.

    Spending >$1000 on you, he'll regret meeting you-- and grieve.

  • I have no idea. Never had a guy break up with me. I am thinking probably not for most. Maybe a few.


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