What to do to get my ex boyfriend back?

I made the biggest mistake ever and now I regret it. I broke up with my ex boyfriend for nothing. I just moved to college and one week I was really stressed and just broke up with him. I know this sounds crazy but I can't stop thinking about him and he have been broken up about 3 weeks now. what can I do to get him back...or even find out how he feels? I have been talking to him through text message and trying to flirt, but I'm afraid he doesn't like me anymore..but I don't know for sure. help! anything can help.

oh and he has a g.f now...but she is like 4yrs younger than him and its his sisters bff, so I know he isn't really into her.


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  • justt send a naked pic. meet up with him. make out. while makingout grab his sack and squeeze . GENTLY.


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