Why would he leave his underware when he cheated and ran back home to Daddy?

Sugar mama played out! 3 Children. Said he wanted to Marry Me and Adopt my Children and Ran out on us cause i found him out! And, Trust me it's Deep. Instead of giving me dirty looks. Chicks and dicks might want to turn them around on him. Already hurt beyound belief do to My kids Father dieing and then he goes and does this? Yah it's complicated. Men are not Men anymore with MORALS or INTEGRITY. His Ego and selfishness. He lives to get laid. And, someone to pay his way! Wow! Hearts he can not even begain to fix. Woman scorned. At least he didn't take my INTEGRITY and Dignity. Yep and queer ontop on it! In the closet. Takes someone very special to do all this knowing everything about us. Tim Robinette is KC METRO whore! Oh but i love you and done all this for you. Cheating with females we worked with! And Still doing so. I can not wrap my head around all his mental mind games he played and he used the word paranoid coming out of a patient's room with a gal named Kaylee at Beautiful Savior Nursing home in Belton. Now has put in his two weeks to leave the job cause everyone figured him out! Mind you my Grandpa lives their and is lying to him. Way to Drag a Family in his fucked up mess and everything his ex wife says about him is true! Good luck gals. He will travel to cheat and lie on you and he will break every promise he makes to you so he can fulfill his sex addict needs! Lied to My kids face. Mama doesn't cry for no reason! Left out on three Beautiful Children who did dearly loved him. Won't ever be so easy for anyone to get close again!


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  • Who the hell wants to raise some other guys spawn? There's a word for that. Cuck. Which this guy obviously wasn't. You enjoyed his dick as much as he enjoyed your vag. Everyone's even. No harm, no foul.


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